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Poster: secret8476 Date: Oct 2, 2008 9:31pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Vince Welnick's death

Vince had a very tuff time with the death of Jerry. When Jerry passed on, Vince tried to occupy his time by doing gigs with Bobby and staying in the fold. Unfortunately, by December of '95. depression had gotten the best of Vince (which it had in the past as well) and he tried to commit suicide and was found on the tour bus half dead of a pill overdose. After that happened, it was an opinion held by many that Vince should not be a part of the scene any longer, fearing that depression would get the best of him eventually, and no one wanted to be held responsible for such a tragic event. Instead, they probably didn;t realize that by shunning him, he delved deeper into his depression. From what I understand, not being invited to reunite with the Dead in 2004 had a big impact on him. He tried to carry on in the best way possible that he knew (playing music) but in 2006 the depression got the best of him again, and he succeeded in an attempt on his own life. In what way, I do not know.

I just found this information out a few months back myself and was taken back to hear about all of the troubles he had in life, and the serious bouts of depression and attempts on his own life. I had no idea. You can probably wiki his name and get just about the same amount of info that i just gave you on him. As far as I searched, there were no records of how he killed himself or any other information regarding his death.

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Poster: cream-puff-war Date: Oct 2, 2008 11:21pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Vince Welnick's death

My close friend Cyril Jordan is a close associate of Prarie Prince, who of course was one of Vince Welnick's closest friends...
it sounds like Prarie did his best to help Vince when he was down, but could only do what he could...

quote from Joel Selvin:

Tubes drummer Prairie Prince found him depressed and miserable in early 1996.

"He was moping around," Prince said. "I took it on myself to bring him around."

Prince and Welnick went into Cotati's Prairie Sun Studios to work on one of Welnick's new original songs, "True Blue," about friends who stayed the course and others left behind. The sessions evolved into the Missing Man Formation, a band that featured Dead acolytes Steve Kimock on guitar and Bobby Vega on bass. The band made its debut in July 1996 at the Fillmore Auditorium before a packed house of Deadheads. Before long, Kimock and Vega were gone and Prince and Welnick, friends since Phoenix, had a falling out. All were replaced by a new set of musicians.

"We lost touch with each other," Prince admitted. "It wasn't a really pretty scene when we broke up. I distanced myself a little bit from Vince and Lori."


The Tubes were great, I saw them open for Led Zep in 1973 at Kezar Stadium... a sunny day in SF...

good times, friends and loved ones gone...
but never to be forgotten.

& as far as I know, MAD magazine never did a "Lighter Side of... Death" (Dave Berg),
but I'll bet National Lampoon did.

Depression's worse than death, because it's slow death.

And it's so treatable... but people are ashamed that they or their loved ones are weak, sad, or the "D" word.

Fish oil anyone?

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